Men’s Shoe Repair

LaRossa Shoe employs time honored methods of rebuilding shoes that go many steps further than traditional repairs. We restore and rebuild men’s shoes from all of your favorite brands using top grade materials that we source from our travels all over the world. If it’s your classic dress shoes, favorite casual loafers, or reliable work boots we carefully handle every pair that comes in for service as if it’s our own. If you read the testimonials on our site, which we encourage everyone to do, you will hear the passion in our customer’s comments after they have received their favorite footwear back from our work shop.

Women’s Shoe Repair

Whether it’s a worn down pair of heel taps or a well-worn coveted red sole, LaRossa Shoe will re-new and revive all
of your cherished shoe brands and leather goods.
Purses, luggage and any vintage leather items can be
brought back to “like-new” condition with our specialty
conditioning creams and polishes. You can entrust that LaRossa Shoe can extend leather life and lustre to all of your
favorite accessories.

LaRossa Shoe – experts in the handling of fine footwear and leather for 95 years

“Artistry in Shoe Restoration”

Orthopedic Services

Email us for specific sole and heel requests and any leather repair questions.

We Repair Sport Equipments – Contact Us For Estimates

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